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Good day Nadine,

Late 2019 / easly 2020 I was going through a divorce and we all know, it is never a good or easy time in a woman’s life and takes quite a toll on a person’s sanity and questions your whole purpose and being.

As we went into hard lock-down, I browsed through Facebook one morning and a FB friend suggested Tjhoko Paint.  I immediately joined your page and was blown away by the beautiful creations.  Watched all your online videos on your website and couldn’t wait to get down and dirty with Tjhoko.

As soon as the shops re-opened, armed with sanitiser and a double-mask for extra protection, I rushed off to the stockist in Ferndale to purchase my 1st batch of Tjhoko paint.  Stood there for a good while, mesmerised by all the beautiful colours and stencils.

Armed with my treasure, I headed back home and started on my bar-stools with Nade.  My second project was an old cupboard which stood in the garage gathering dust and which is now a show-piece in my home.  

From there-on, I just became more daring and my latest piece is an old piano which I transformed into a show-stopper (and yes, I do brag on the Facebook page quite regularly LOL). I solely believe that Tjhoko saved my sanity through the most difficult time of my life.  Tjhoko gave me the will and the courage to not give up but to persevere because if I could create such beautiful pieces with Tjhoko, surely I could hold my life together and not fall apart?

Therefore, I believe that Tjhoko saved my sanity and till today, I still turn to Tjhoko when I need to destress … I turn to Tjhoko when I need to find purpose and love knowing that it is literally the only product that brings out my creative side.

I am a proud Tjhokoholic!

Kind regards,