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Good day,

I would like to share my Tjhoko Testimonial with you.

I am a mom of two very busy boys (5years and 1.5 years) and a  bookkeeper at an accounting firm.  During lockdown level 5 and 4 I experienced a lot of pressure and constant high levels of stress, because working from home with two small boys with no help (because my husband also worked away from home) was not the ideal situation.  As a consequence of the constant high levels of stress, I developed an anxiety disorder and had to go onto strong medication for this.  I was on it for a few months.  THEN☺  I discovered Tjhoko Paint, what a blessing, as my creative juices started overflowing and the anxiety started to disappear.  I have been free of chemical medication for a while and feel like a new person.

Tjhoko has been my go to place for relaxation and forgetting about the everyday stresses and helped me to heal from a terrible anxiety disorder. Tjhoko is all I talk about to everyone I meet.  

Thank you for a great product that not only heals, but lets anyone feel they can be creative.

My next project is our main bedroom which will include Frik’s Forest, Dumisa’s Dream, Lorain’s Cream,Olivia’s Pale, stencil of paris and what ever my creativeness have instore.

What a Product!

P.s. I now use my hairdressing money to buy Tjhoko. (LOL)

Thank you