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Antique Brown Glaze
•     This product creates an antique look on areas with crevices and detail.  It is water-based, pure
acrylic and non toxic. On flat surfaces rather make use of a washed technique to get an
antique finish instead of the Antique Brown Glaze.
•     Only start applying the Antique Brown Glaze four hours after paintwork is completed. The
Glaze dries very quickly. We recommend to dilute it with water or water together with
Matt Black Tjhoko Paint to prolong drying time and allow more time to create the desired
look. It can be diluted up to 50%. Work with a damp cloth and an artist brush when applying
Antique Brown Glaze.
•    Paint small areas at a time of the Antique Brown Glaze and gently and evenly wipe with the
damp cloth.