Tjhoko Paint’s beautiful colours are now also available in a low-sheen PVA.

Tjhoko Paint, South Africa’s popular locally produced chalk paint, has long been the first choice for creatives wanting to effortlessly transform furniture and other surfaces.

Here’s some good news: Tjhoko Paint’s trendy colour palette is now available in a low-sheen, water-based PVA – Tjhoko Inspired Wall Colours.

Did you know?
Tjhoko Inspired Wall Colours does not replace Tjhoko Chalk Paint; rather, it’s a new durable wall paint. It has an excellent spreading rate of 8–10m² per litre per coat. This means that a 5L tin of paint will cover about 25m² – which is more than enough for a standard sized room. Because the paint contains no ammonia, it has a low odour. Moreover, it is completely washable
– painted surfaces can simply be wiped with a damp cloth but sugar soap can also be used for stubborn stains. Tjhoko Inspired Wall Colours now gives you the option of painting your interior walls in your favourite Tjhoko shades. The price? Only R549 for a 5L tin. Deliveries can be made throughout the country; the minimum order is 5L, with free delivery for orders over R1 000. Make sure you order enough paint for your project because as long as the tins are tightly sealed, the paint will keep for up to
10 months. “But few DIYers will be able to resist this product for such a long time,” says Nadine Vosloo of Tjhoko Paint. “Once you’re acquainted with Tjhoko Inspired Wall Colours, you’ll never need to use any other paint to make a glorious, affordable difference in your home.”

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  1. Elsabe Vermeulen says:

    The samples I bought from paint master looks a lot darker than on the photos I see on fb.
    Why? Is is more concentrated?

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