You will need:

• galvanised bucket
• 4m rope
• embellishment
• Tjhoko Paint in Silvermoon
• Tjhoko Antique Brown Glaze

Here’s how…

1 Remove any oily residue from the bucket by wiping it with a cloth and thinners, then cover it in two coats of Silvermoon, letting the paint dry between coats.

2 Let the second coat dry for four hours then apply Antique Brown Glaze with a damp cloth to create an antique finish. It dries within minutes (no need to buff).

3 Apply the rope with a hot glue gun. Wipe the embellishment with Antique Brown Glaze and attach it to the rope with No More Nails.

Tjhoko paint is made in SA. • It spreads easily and requires no priming. • It can be used on most surfaces. • If you apply the glaze, items can be used outdoors and withstand water.