Tjhoko’ers, spring is in the air! 🎨🌸
Tjhoko Products used:
💜 Painted the entire piece in Davi’d
💜 Protea design is Tjhokopage using the Tjhoko clear glaze
💜 Stencil of Paris on the top and bottom doors
💜 Tjhoko Leaf Stencil 2020-30×30-8
💜 Painted over in Neo’s New
💜 Used my mouse sander to sand doors to raw wood and distress edges
💜 Feet and inside painted in Amon’s Aubergine
💜 Kaylee’s Candy used on the latches and lip of shelves inside
💜 Jane’s Jade used on inner doors as well as the front trim around the glass
💜 Inside bottom doors Stencil 30×30-20
💜 Blend of Amon’s Aubergine and Davi’d for stencil work
💜 Entire piece sealed with Tjhoko clear glaze
💜 Painted with Tjhoko Hamilton’s Ensign Brushes 50mm and 38mm
💜 Artists Brushes #2 and #10 used

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