Meet my Paisley Bunny Copper Kettle done by our uber talented Brand Ambassedor Trish Shaw from Dusty Drawers KZN 🐇

Tjhoko Products used:
◾ Kettle painted in Silver Moon
◾ Bunny is Tjhokopage using Tjhoko clear glaze
◾ Tjhoko Paisley Stencil 2020-15×15-3 – I’ll attach in comment section.
◾ There’s a SALE on Stencils at the moment!
◾ Martin’s Move used with Tjhoko Paisley Stencil
◾ July used with Tjhoko Paisley Stencil
◾ Tjhoko Antique Brown Glaze to finish off.
◾ Tjhoko Hamilton’s Ensign Brush to paint kettle.
◾ Artists brush to apply Antique Brown Glaze available on the Tjhoko website.

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