Any old, rusty cake and bread pans ? 

Don’t throw them away! 

Clean them with lacquer thinners and apply some TJHOKO ! 

Nadine Vosloo transformed old rusty cake and bread pans into beautiful wall décor.

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  1. Marietjie Swanepoel says:

    If you have a mailing list with ideas. Pls add me

    1. Hi Marietjie please do subscribe to our news letter – have a wonderful day.

  2. They are all beautiful creations. I have a very rusty muffin pan …. any ideas on how to Tjhoko would be welcome.

    1. Hi Bernadine we have many inspirational videos for you to watch on our YouTube channel we have also done up cycling of baking tins – I would suggest to go and take a look subscribe to our channel on YouTube – Tjhoko Paint?

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