Need inspiration for your dining room revamp? See Nancy Ncube our 2019 Tjhoko Champs runner up 2019 great transformation.

It all started in the 1940s after my parents got married. They bought the imbuia ball and claw dinning set. Both my Mum and Dad were amazing cooks and many a Sunday lunch after church was eaten on this table. After I was born in the 1960s the tradition carried on.

During the week the table was used for more than eating, I remember my mother sewing on one side and me doing my home work on the other side of the table. The sideboard was where treats like jelly babies and marshmallows were locked away to be given to me as rewards for doing well at school or doing my chores. At least that’s what my Dad thought, my Mum on the other hand felt that her only child should have sweets whenever she wanted, but drew a line when it came to the use of her best china, which was kept in the sideboard and was only used on birthdays, Christmas and special occasions. 

Then I grew up started working. I still remember my first salary buying new curtains for my Mum and promptly saving up to “update” the now now dated furniture, or so I thought.

Ah, the 1980s and the seriously questionable design styles and colours. I had the entire dinning set professionally lacquered black, and the now tatty rattan replaced with burgundy velvet. (BIG MISTAKE) I liked this look for all of 5 minutes then realised it was a mistake. I couldn’t undo the mistake immediately because both my parents had actually advised not to lacquer the furniture in the first place, so it stayed like that for a longgg longggg  ‘what were thinking’ time.

After loosing my mother recently, I decided it was time. I stripped the black lacquer first, lost a few layers of skin in the process, then emailed Tjhoko Paints asking for advise. The response was immediate, professional and re-assuring and today I have my memories of my beloved parents, stunning vintage furniture and a sense that my parents are looking down on me and saying ‘perfect’!

We use the furniture daily and at times, it feels like my mother is still sitting on the one side of the dinning table sewing. The Tjhoko Paint Champs competition win was like an approving nod from both of them and I am so very grateful.

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  1. Delna Antia says:

    So glad I came across your post ! I am a Furniture artist myself. Absolutely breathtaking love it ! ??❤️

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