Theresia van Tonder Fromcreated this colourful masterpiece 

How to paint an Ombré Technique:

What you’ll need:

Tjhoko products used:

  1. Firstly sand the piece slightly and clean it with lacquer thinners.
  2. Then apply Tjhoko Embellishments where you want them with a strong glue such as contact adhesive.  Let it dry.
  3. Paint the colors roughly where you want them to be.  Join the desired colors roughly so no part of the furniture is left.  My brush strokes went in the direction of the next color.  Then start blending with a drybrush technique, first brush one color lightly over into the next color, until you feel satisfied, if you feel you have applied too much color, use the other color’s brush and brush some color back into the first block.
  4. On top I’ve used some freestyle flower painting, and then finished off with a few Tjhoko Stencils on top.
  5. Seal with Clear Glaze.

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