Tjhoko welcomes spring with a charming, nostalgia-inspired table.

With the arrival of the new season we wanted to use a little sentimental inspiration from the past to create a welcoming picnic space. Neutral shades of Tjhoko’s warm greys and white were perfect for our table.

This is how we put together the look:

The pallets, which form the base of the table, are painted in Stéffan.

The cushions are stencilled. 3 The books are painted in Vinia Stone and then stencilled with Stencil of Paris. The decorated books can double up as pretty place markers with names. written on them with chalk.

Old metal ceiling boards, which are used as the table top, are painted in Don’s Wash and Antique Brown Glaze and then brushed with Cloud White.

Glass jars are painted in Cloud White and then given a gently weathered look by washing them with Sherif’s Stone.

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