Modern Creative Black & Brown Dining Set   

Oct 2022 (Project 1)

What you’ll need:


Tjhoko products used:

Tjhoko Cloud White

Tjhoko Matt Black

Tjhoko Ismael’s Eish

Tjhoko Clear Glaze

Tjhoko Decoupage Paper (The Morning Paper 860 x 598mm)


How to – Chairs:

Firstly sand the piece slightly and clean it with lacquer thinners.

Paint two layers of the desired color as your base.  I used Black and Ismael’s Eish.  Leave to dry. 

Add masking tape to seating surface as preparation to create white lines.  Use Cloud White with a stencil brush, and drybrush the edges to create a smokey effect.

Take the Decoupage paper and measure the size you would like to use, I used a black marker pen to draw on decoupage paper by pressing against the sides of furniture where I want to add this.  Cut the piece out.

Add clear glaze as your “clue”.  Put decoupage paper on wet surface, and apply more glaze on top.  Use brush and your hands to remove any bubbles or folds in the paper.  Let dry.

Apply stencil work where desired.

Finish off with black paint here and there, and then apply clear glaze over the whole chair.


How to – Table:

I used a sander to sand down the top.  Be careful of the type of wood you use, some have fine layers of wood as thin as paper, and you can easily sand through a beautiful layer.  I applied a very watered down mix of Cloud White and Water, 1:10, to lighten the top slightly, and then sealed it with a furniture wax.  The feet was slightly sanded down, and painted with two layers Matt Black, then sealed with Clear Glaze.

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